IN THE BAR HERE AT Österlånggatan 17 WE MIX, BLEND AND SHAKE ALL KINDS OF COCKTAILS FROM OBSCURE CLASSICS TO our own innovative  classics to be. here you can see some of our own compositions.


Matcha Pichu

Rum, Matcha, Honey, Cucumber, Lime & Elixir Vegetal

Benedictine Plummerbatch

Reposado Tequila, D.O.M, Pluminfused Agave, Lime & Creole Bitters


Agricole RUm, Maraschino liqueur, creme violette & clear cordial

No name yet

Chilean Pisco, Cherry Blossom Vermouth & Blackcurrant

Escape plan

Really dark rum, strawberry infused amaro notion, campari, lime, pineapple, salt & bitters

Champagne Popper

Elderflower Schnapps, Bergamot, Bone Dry Sherry, lime & Champagne Foam