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Österlånggatan 17

As restaurateurs in Gamla Stan, we were delighted to discover that Hindrich Nywardt, the alderman of the wine merchants' guild, lived here in the 17th century. A decent fellow who provided the citizens with fine drinks. At Österlånggatan 17, we embrace this spirit – being kind to all citizens and serving prime atmosphere, food, and drinks, with global influences but local care.

Welcome to us, brothers and sisters! Here, you can easily indulge in the good things in life.

Middagsmeny - Österlånggatan 17


The tastiest and most important meal of the weekend!

Every weekend, we serve an à la carte brunch featuring a mix of classic and more innovative dishes. Always with a focus on deliciousness! Come and experience a brunch where every bite and every sip is a part of our history and our passion for the finer things in life.

Take Away - Österlånggatan 17

Licor43 Karaoke Bar

Party & Hot shots!

A full evening at the Licor 43 Karaoke Bar, book now and don't forget to pre-order snacks, delightful appetizers & bubbly drinks! A night out with good friends, a birthday party, or with work colleagues – you can always sing your heart out, together.

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