Dryck- & vinlista - Österlånggatan 17


The Stenbeck Room

Our chambre separée, the Stenbeck Room, can be booked for up to 9 people. It includes a private sound system and a small hatch in the door for food and drink delivery.

Licor 43 Karaoke Bar

An evening at the Licor 43 Karaoke Bar guarantees a lifetime memory. Here, you pre-order snacks, delightful appetizers, and bubbly drinks, then sing your heart out together. The room accommodates up to 15 people. Read more here.

The Upstairs

For larger parties, it's possible to book our entire upstairs, featuring lovely long tables and a view over the beautiful Köpmantorget. Up to 50 people can be seated here. For pre-booking the upstairs, please contact us.

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