Weekly lunch - Week 9

155kr - Served 11.30 - 15:30

  • Monday

    Coq au Vin, with creamy potato purée, butter-fried mushrooms, caramelized onion, and crispy fried bacon.

  • Tuesday

    White Wine Poached West Sea Fish, with creamy cauliflower purée, grilled leek, potatoes tossed with dill, and foamy mussel velouté

  • Wednesday

    Crispy Fried Pork Schnitzel, with pommes de neuf, steamed broccoli, and spiced butter

  • Thursday

    Veal Loaf with potatoes tossed with parsley, creamy green pepper sauce, lingon, and green peas

  • Friday

    Grilled Veal Tri-Tip, with creamy potato gratin, herb-dressed haricots verts, tomato and onion salad, with chili bearnaise sauce

  • Vegetarian

    Crispy Fried Chèvre, with salt baked, and sliced beets, roasted walnuts, Dijon dressed split peas, and rosemary honey

Small Servings

  • 65
    Pimentos de Padrones
  • 65
    The House Marinerated Olives
  • 85
    Roasted Garlic bread

    with parsley butter and västerbotten cheese

  • 145
    Toast Bikini

    prosciutto di parma & västerbotten cheese

  • 155
    Fried Frog Legs

    with spicy chili mayonnaise

  • 155
    Queen clams in shell

    with lemon and roe

  • 125
    Bruschetta Stracciatella

    truffle honey and roasted pistachios

  • 105
    Bruschetta Pomodoro

    på sicilianskt sätt

  • 155
    Fried Calamares

    with lemon aiolo

Mid Sized Courses

  • 255
    Råraka Potato Waffle

    red onion, créme fraiche, roe from Bottenviken

  • 155
    Melanzana alla Parmeggiana

    aubergine, creamy tomato sauce, mozzarella, and parmesan

  • 155

    fennel, orange and grapefruit fillets, honey and roasted almonds

  • Starter/Main 165/245
    Beef Tartar

    with romesco sauce, pickled onions, spicy chili mayonnaise and grated parmesan

  • Starter/Main 165/265
    Toast Skagen

    with shrimps, dill, mayonnaise topped with smoked roe

  • 175
    Gambas al Pil Pil

    Chili and garlic fried gambas and grilled bread

  • 145
    Zucchini Carpaccio

    Basil pesto, salt roasted almonds, parmesan, and pickled silver onions

  • 155/245
    Ö17's Charcuterie board

    three favourites, bruschetta pomodoro, and marinated olives


  • 165
    Omelette Naturelle
  • 215
    Mushroom Omelette

    creamy mushrooms, truffle, Västerbotten cheese and spinach

  • 205
    Salmon omelette

    cold smoked salmon and spinach

  • 195
    Ham, spinach and Västerbotten cheese
  • 35
    Add french fries

Main Courses

  • 245
    Veal Meatballs

    with cream sauce, potato purée, pickled cucumber and preserved lingon berries

  • 335
    Baked char

    with potato purée, chili and garlic fried prawns, tomato dressing, and watercress

  • 235

    butter fried forest mushrooms, creamy chanterelle sauce and parmesan

  • 315
    Confit Duck Leg

    chestnut purée, borretana onions, and grilled endive

  • 235
    Fish & chips

    Fennel Crudité, and tartar sauce

  • 325

    baked char, saithe, grilled gambas prawns, queen clams, and aioli

  • 345
    Grilled Entrecote

    with tomato and onion salad, tarragon butter, haricot verts, och pommes frites

  • 299
    Veal Plank Steak

    with duchesse potatoes, tarragon butter, red wine sauce, bacon wrapped

  • 275
    Grilled Tuna

    with browned soy butter, carrots and radish salad, kimchi mayonnaise, coriandar avocado cream, and chili roasted sesame seeds

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